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About Us

About Us

At SASCON, we provide a secure and serene environment which is suitable for both teach-learning and co-curricular activities. With our modern technology-enhanced classrooms, well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and standard libraries – virtual and real, our students are being prepared for exams like checkpoint and BECE in Year9, IGCSE, WASSCE and NECO SSCE in Years 11 and 12 respectively.

We pride ourselves in academic excellence as our teachers are professionals and reputable in their different fields. Their wealth of years of experience speaks for them in the manner in which they handle their subjects as well as their students. Every member of staff believes that there is always room for improvement, and that is why they each take the opportunity of improving themselves through different training both personally and as organised by the school.

Our students imbibe the attitude of a winner by craving the spirit for both academic and moral excellence. They place value on morals as much as they do on academics. Their training helps them to understand and appreciate handwork and the dignity of the human labour. Therefore, our students show as much respect to the utility staff as well as the teachers. They value winning all the time; but not as much as fair play, and this has helped them in making right judgements most times both in competitions and on the field of play.

Our facilities enhance the suitability for safety and effectiveness both inside and outside the classrooms. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with air conditioners installed in each one of them. There are CCTV cameras installed all around the compound apart from the 24hour security surveillance. The students enjoy playing football, swimming, basketball, table-tennis, badminton and other indoor games that are well provided for. The hostel rooms are big with four students in a room and each to a 3½ inches bunk beds. We have a massive computer room with functioning computer systems where both private and government organisations come to write professional CBT examinations. JAMB currently uses the same as centre for the UTME. The list goes on.

You would agree that this is enormous for a school that is still very young, but the vision has been ageless and the mission is possible. Join the train and let us continue to build a better society through the continuous education of children at SASCON – Pinnacle of Learning!

We encourage our staff to progress in their careers through professional training programmes and internal, in-service training.

Our Vision

We seek to prepare our students for a bright, secure future by providing a career-orientated educational programme that encourages them to be analytical and evaluative in their thinking, thus enabling them to face opportunities and challenges logically and make the correct choices in life, based on fear of God, a strong sense of discipline and high moral values. We aim to assist them in every way to achieve academic excellence in order to enhance their career prospects.

Our Mission

We are committed to students’ learning and personal development; preparing them to live and contribute to our ever-changing world; engaging them effectively; moulding their character and building their self-confidence and integrity. The School is determined to help the students to develop their individual talents, evaluative and critical thinking and technological skills by being actively involved in the learning process. Our varied School Curricula will meet the academic, cultural, moral and religious needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds within a conducive, secure and motivating environment.